An Escort for a Lady25 Dec 2017

An Escort for a Lady

I walked through the rain so no one would see my tears.

Opening Lines That You Can Use04 Sep 2012

Opening lines don't have to be those cheesy one liners that everyone laughs at. You know the line, "Did it hurt... when you fell from heaven?" No one uses those kind of pick up lines and if you do, well, you should stop immediately! However, instead of this article focusing on all the awful pick up lines that have been overused by nerds or creeps at the club, this is all about the opening lines that DO work and that you can use without getting a slap round the face, or a strawberry daiquiri thrown all over you.

All about the Escorts28 May 2012

Wanting to hire escorts in London may have been something that you have wanted to do for quite a while but you just have not come across an agency that has provided you with everything that you need to make the final choice. I am sure that if one agency could change your mind and get you to the point of actually booking a young London escort, it will be the Diamond Escorts agency.

Best Places to Hang out at Night in London05 May 2012

Escorts in London know all the best nightclubs where they can hang out with their companions. London is known for having the best club scene in the world, so why not enjoy it with the cheap London escorts? These escorts are great girls to party with. Not only are they sexy and gorgeous, but they are great dancers as well! And would be willing to show you some of their hot moves, in which we are sure you'll be impressed!