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The Best Company – And It’s Not About Work 29 Jan 2012

When you are exhausted and feel like you have no energy left you must relax to be able to perform at peak levels when needed. This can be done by various methods but the most pleasant and lovely way is perhaps spending some time with a Hemel Hempstead escort. The stress accumulated in life can have a multitude of negative effects on your body, but in the presence of a young and beautiful lady it can turn into a wonderful and invigorating time. No time to be bored.

Becoming a Beer Connoisseur 16 Jan 2012

What do you really know about beer aside from the sheer joy of guzzling it. A lot of men love beer but do you really know that much about what you love.

Happy Hour: Relieve Stress Effectively 22 Sep 2011

So you're partying tonight, the question is, is your body ready for some alcohol and is your mind in the right condition for drinking? Beer drinking or Happy Hour as most would call it, is perhaps the most common way of relaxation for a lot of men. And nowadays, even women engage in this, too. But did you know that Happy Hour could actually cause unnecessary stress?

Oral Hygiene 20 Aug 2011

When you are speaking to someone, what is one of the first things that you notice about them? That's right, their mouth especially if its a Hemel Hempstead escorts mouth. There may even be a few things that you notice more than others like the colour of their teeth, if they have something stuck in their teeth, and of course the odour (good or bad) that is coming from their mouth.

Don’t be fooled by These Ageing Myths 09 Aug 2011

Are you tired of comments such as you cant do that any more you're too old? or look at your mothers side of the family, or most of those men are bald its not going to be long before you join them. Another one you might hear is do not use so much gel in your hair when going to see Hemel Hempstead escorts it can cause you to lose your hair.