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Jokes To Avoid on a Date01 Nov 2011

Humour has always been a safe way to approach a first date, and no - I don't mean laughing at the fact that you are going on a date - or expecting your date to stand you up, or even worse - be horrendously unattractive with a hyena laugh. What I mean is, humour will keep fun conversation flowing and will allow you to appear more exciting and enjoyable.

The Food Trap: Why You’re Really Not Losing Your Gut 02 Sep 2011

Ever wonder why after several years of working out relentlessly to the point of killing yourself, you still cant get rid of your gut? Or how about that time in your life when you thought you were losing weight but in fact it was just plateauing all this time, and lets not forget the occasional trips to the supermarket where you go in with only 3 things in mind and end up going out with 3 baskets filled with items.