Submissive Escorts are Best12 Mar 2018

Submissive Escorts are Best

I was told at the front desk to head to the room and just go straight in.

An Encounter at the Pool26 Feb 2018

An Encounter at the Pool

As I prepared to meet him I could feel the butterflies swarming in my stomach.

Best Carnal Escort Sex12 Feb 2018

She climbed onto my lap moving her petit waist rubbing her ass on my semi erect cock.

My Pretend Girlfriend Jess the Escort29 Jan 2018

Dinner at my family’s house turned out better than expected Jessica aka my escort for the night aka my girlfriend, did a great job at winning over my family.

Escorts are for Women Too15 Jan 2018

Escorts are for Women Too

Many people think that escorts are only for men but that’s not the case.

A Duo Encounter with Tracy08 Jan 2018

As usual we arrive on time.

The 25 Year Old Virgin01 Jan 2018

The 25 Year Old Virgin

Twenty five and a virgin was not working for me.

A Passionate Threesome18 Dec 2017

A Passionate Threesome

As I stepped into the restaurant I gave them the names of the persons I was to meet.

Damian the Passionate Lover27 Nov 2017

Damian the Passionate Lover

I looked out the balcony.

A Couple of Long Legged Escorts for Dinner09 Oct 2017

I sat in the restaurant and sipped my wine looking around the room.

Oh What a Night25 Sep 2017

Oh What a Night

He moved with the swiftness of a cheetah.

Multi Cultural Watford and the Escorts11 Sep 2012

Watford is a lively and multi cultural town in the county of Hertfordshire. It has a lively and exciting night life with lots of bars and clubs and places to have a drink and a good time. You will also find plenty of entertainment venues along with shopping and leisure facilities. This is a great location to spend some time with the sexy Watford escorts.

London Escorts and Their Limits02 May 2012

When browsing through the galleries on the website, you will no doubt see many beautiful London escorts. With something for everyone and guaranteed real pictures of the ladies, the choice may be a little overwhelming! You may base your decision on how the lady looks, perhaps you have always fancied a busty blonde escort or an oriental escort, or it may be it's the services that the lady has to offer that helps you make your choice.

Getting the Most of What You Paid for26 Apr 2012

Some men don't believe in paying for sex as they can get it for free. But one has to wonder how good your free sex is! What do you get out of it? Maybe a hand job, a blow job if you are lucky, but does she swallow? Is she enthusiastic about receiving anal or getting down and dirty with another chic? No you say? Well guess what? When you pay for sex you get all of that and more.

Does She Still Love Me? 11 Dec 2011

Women are famous for their love of commitment while we men are not. We are more carefree and more experimental when it comes to relationships and we just don't want to tie ourselves down to a romance for it deprives us of other exciting things that come from being a man.