A Passionate Threesome18 Dec 2017

A Passionate Threesome

As I stepped into the restaurant I gave them the names of the persons I was to meet.

Helping her relax26 Oct 2015

One of the worst things I could ask my husband to do is to give me a massage.

My Adopted Mummy16 Jan 2015

It was time for my weekly visit to see my adopted Mummy, I usually visit on a Thursday afternoon as a pre weekend treat.

The Country Park part 209 Jan 2015

He sat up and kissed me deeply and my hand found his cock again and Stroked it tenderly. He pushed me gently back onto the towel and Continued to kiss me.

An Unexpected Tug17 Nov 2014

It was a balmy summer evening when a group of us including my wife went out to a small Italian restaurant in Wimbledon Village.

The Watford Gap29 Aug 2014

I've been doing the rounds in Watford for some time now and I know many girls from various agencies. There was rivalries and contention from time to time but on the whole we look out for each and keep our backs covered.

BDSM is a Rewarding Experience17 Jul 2013

Escorts provide great companionship for lonely, recently divorced men. Whatever these lonely men want, female escorts can provide. Whether you need an excellent guide to the best tourist spots in London or just an hour of sensual massaging, these escorts are ready to satisfy.

Double Penetration with a Glass Dildo18 Jul 2012

Mia was always the girl that only liked toys that vibrated. If it didn't pulse the way she liked it, then she didn't use it, so needless to say, her glass dildo was completely ruled out for any action. Then, after one particular date, Mia headed home with her guy for some hard and deep double penetration. She desperately wanted all her holes to be penetrated all at the same time.

Erotic Massages with the London Escorts21 Apr 2012

Whether you have been training hard at the gym or have just had a busy day at work, why not call upon one of the London escorts to give you a sensual and erotic body to body massage? Many of the London escorts are trained in this area and know all the right moves to ease away your troubles and pains. They will leave your skin feeling soft and supple, and your mind refreshed and rejuvenated.