Those luxury beauties when is too much27 Mar 2017

Men like to think about themselves as big boys and they like to show that in everything that happens in their life.

Benefits of Hiring London Escorts 14 Sep 2012

There are men in London who do not understand why other men book escorts when there are so many single women out there in London. Well first of all, nothing in this life is given to you for free, not even from women that you think you are getting free sex from.

A Man’s Battle Against Obesity 21 Aug 2011

Whenever we tell an overweight person to stay away from fatty foods, we feel that we are actually doing them a favour, but little do we realise that commenting such to a person who's going through a weight issue may backfire and result in more weight gain. Why? Studies have shown that men who are already overweight or obese do not like to be told that they are, so the more that we make them feel they need to lose weight, the more pressure is put upon their shoulders, and for most men, food is the best and safest way of coping with pressure.

Black Escorts Are Sexy14 Jun 2011

Black escorts are just as sexy as Caucasian models and are widely available in the London escort agencies. A particular girl I have recently met, called Susan, attracted my attention immediately after I saw her. Gorgeous, long legs and dark eyes fascinating you on the spot. Her long wavy hair is perfectly groomed. An Ex-model, she worked for the most prestigious model agencies and brands.