Yes You Can Do Exercise at Work21 Jul 2017

Every day, you sit at your office chair for more than 8 hours facing your computer's monitor, spending most of your working hours typing, clicking and printing.

The Right Place- Where to Find the Woman of your dreams22 Jul 2016

We get it- you want to meet a decent woman.

How Smoking Affects Your Sexual Performance09 May 2016

It’s Friday night and you’re out with your boys at some club, and you’re trying to hit on a girl but you have a cigar in your left hand and a glass of scotch in the other.

A Mans Crowning Glory - What Your Hair Says about Y ou18 Apr 2016

They say hair is a woman’s crowning glory, but not a man’s, and that’s where they’re wrong.

Bad Boys Versus Nerds 25 Feb 2013

Nice guys always finish last it is said, and it just so happens that you're a nice guy. Oh, you're also currently single and have been for quite a while. Coincidence? Definitely not. There are great benefits to being a nice guy and guess what? Nice guys always end up with the hottest babes in the end.

Happy Hour: Relieve Stress Effectively 22 Sep 2011

So you're partying tonight, the question is, is your body ready for some alcohol and is your mind in the right condition for drinking? Beer drinking or Happy Hour as most would call it, is perhaps the most common way of relaxation for a lot of men. And nowadays, even women engage in this, too. But did you know that Happy Hour could actually cause unnecessary stress?

5 Reasons Why Partying Can Make You Old 29 Jul 2011

When you’re young, partying seems to be an inevitable part of your daily life. Nightly partying here and there, drinking almost everywhere and hooking up with every girl you meet. But when nature and genetics is starting to set in, things can change drastically. Research shows that constant partying can cause age related issues such as greying hair, bald spots, hearing loss and much more.