The cost factor15 Sep 2017

London escorts services provide a top class and renowned service wherever you are in London and the surrounding areas, but beware, there are many different agencies that are available and not all of them are reputable.

The Male Brain- Why He Cheats15 Jul 2016

For the average man, photos of attractive women, provocative or not is perhaps as essential as breathing and maybe healthy to keep the human race alive.

Smart and Sexy - How to be a Smart Sexter27 Jun 2016

Nearly half of the male population is guilty of sexting.

Sexy gifts08 Jul 2013

Every woman loves a good present, but what's better than giving a present that gives back? Don't lie, you want to be a little selfish, well here is a list of the top five sexy gifts that keep giving literally.

Effective Search for London Escorts25 Feb 2012

London is well known for its escort services, being one of the few cities in the world where these services are actually legal. Conditions and personal choices make many young Londoners join this business and become London escorts.

Avoid The Common Mistakes That Men Make On Line11 Nov 2011

Don't lie, you have a Facebook profile and you use it to your advantage to talk (creep) to all the pretty girls. However, if your profile is a disaster, you will never get anywhere with anyone, especially the babes that you spend all that time face booking. Follow these tips to avoid looking like a complete idiot on your online profile.