Masturbate, Its Good For You! 08 Oct 2012

As if this article title had to tell you to masturbate. It's been said for so long that masturbation is healthy for you, so why would you need any more encouragement than that to keep it going? Well, the more the merrier to justify your excess amount of masturbating, so read on!

Penis Facts 17 Aug 2011

You may have come across quite a lot of articles concerning your health as well as fitness, but how many articles have you come across concerning your penis? How much do you know about this precious jewel that is sacred to you? You are never too old to learn something new. Am I right, especially when it comes to your manhood?

Three Diseases that Affect Men the Most16 Jun 2011

How have you been paying attention to your body lately or are you playing “man” by sucking in the pain? Men tend to find it difficult to go to the doctor to get their annual check up. Maybe if a London escort asked you, you would be willing to go. Hopefully after reading this you won’t find it so hard.