Double Escorts How to Do It09 Sep 2016

Escorts are fun.

Smart and Sexy - How to be a Smart Sexter27 Jun 2016

Nearly half of the male population is guilty of sexting.

Learning to love what you do13 Jul 2015

Giving a woman oral sex is not a top priority in many relationships.

Top Three Positions for Two Men, Two Women Group Sex22 Jun 2012

Group sex! how fabulous is it!? Sex with one other person is already amazing, but throwing more people into your sex sessions is an unimaginably explosive experience. Feel free to try these positions out to get the most out of group sex with another man, and two women! You will be one lucky man!

Two Girls, One Man Positions 24 May 2012

Threesomes and group sex offers a variety of sexual positions that will cover every area that you want to be stimulated. If you are the lucky man who is indulging in a threesome with two girls, then every man's dream with these sexy positions!