Punishment of Slave 4619 Dec 2014

As requested Slave 46 was brought to the correction room down in the basement of the manor, by Mike and John Lady Grey trusted henchmen, all he was wearing was a thick leather collar and a metal cock cage.

Alternatives To Tying Down 21 Dec 2011

There are a million reasons as to why someone may not enjoy being tied down. This doesn't necessarily mean that they don't enjoy being dominated or restrained and no one should ever settle when it comes to their sexual satisfaction, so there are some alternatives to being tied down, but not literally?

Bondage for All21 Oct 2011

Are you into bondage and love getting ravished, tied up and tortured? Or hey - maybe you like to be the torturer and tie your sexy victim up and have your naughty way with them. Whatever position you like to be in when having a bondage-session, this is the perfect kit to get. Trust a horny girl who loves to get ravished!