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Party Girl Escorts in Slough16 Oct 2013

This culturerly diverse town is set in the borough of Berkshire, twenty two miles west of London has a population of one hundred and twenty thousand. Home to the Slough Trading estate it is an important business centre with extensive transport links to the capital. The 21st century has seen a major redevelopment of this busy town and old buildings have been replaced with new offices and shopping complexes.

How Big is Big? 21 Jan 2012

When it comes to the tall tales of penises, every man cant help but be competitive. As it is most commonly believed, the bigger the penis is, the better the sex will be.

How Men Drive Women Crazy 06 Oct 2011

As a man, you may or may not know how your behaviour affects your partner, whether it is your girlfriend or your Slough escort. At times you are able to make them happy, but other times all they want to do is pull out their hair and scream at the top of their lungs. This cant be good in most cases, so here are a few ways in which you may drive them crazy. Take note so you can learn how to adjust these behaviours.