The Party After the Party23 Oct 2017

As a woman you would hope that the person who did the most romantic thing for you would be your boyfriend or better yet your husband, right? Wrong! The clients of escorts have put many husbands to shame over the past few years that I have been working with the escorts company, and tonight was no different.

The Retirement Party13 Mar 2015

Anne had just come home from her retirement party, Anne was neat and organised, she worked as a civil servant for a home counties Government department.

The Audition in Hatton Cross15 Aug 2014

Sue had answered a small ad in the Evening Standard and begged me to go with her; hence this is why on a warm July evening we made our way across town on the Piccadilly Line to Hatton Cross. Sue was very sketchy about what it entailed she just said it was for extra's in small private films.

Luna Loves Virgins16 Jul 2012

One afternoon, Luna received a phone call from her best friend. As per usual, it was about a guy. Her friend had this male friend who was eager to lose his virginity. It may sound unusual to you, but Luna always had her friends sending potential new dates her way.

Fun Foods To Try in Bed25 Oct 2011

Everyone has seen a sweaty, sexy love scene in a movie where the girl spreads delicious foods like strawberries and chocolate sauce all over her body, and who wouldn't want to indulge in such a tasty treat, right? However, this article is strictly about the foods that are often overlooked when using them in the bedroom. Are you ready for a delicious time with these fun foods?