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Simply the best Watford Escorts23 Feb 2012

Watford in Hertfordshire is a vibrant town situated 18 miles North West of central London. Its highly populated and caters for a wide variety of people, providing entertainment for every age group. It has a lot to offer including the Watford escorts!

Escorts are Just a lot More Fun 20 Feb 2012

Having to work a nine to five job and then come home to the same person every day can get boring really fast. Some men see this as being stuck in a rut, so they opt for dating escorts instead. Being in a committed relationship does not guarantee you sex at bed time. If you decide to go with the Watford escorts all you need to choose is the type of sex that you want.

Calming Down After an Argument 11 Jan 2012

You just experienced the worst argument ever with your girlfriend. You can still feel the steam coming out of your ears and you know that she's still upset because you are hearing a lot of pot banging and cupboard slamming in the kitchen. Its late, but the both of you aren't sleeping because of the intensity of the argument.Now what?

Avoid That Awkward Silence - First Dates26 Sep 2011

Awkward silence is brutal. Brutal for you, brutal for her, and brutal for anyone around you having to endure this awkward moment that you are currently in. In order to avoid an uncomfortable date with a sexy woman, you must keep the conversation flowing. Not only is this going to make you be more appealing to her, as well as allow your best qualities to stand out, it will make the date much more enjoyable for both of you.

Best Way to End a Relationship 06 Sep 2011

Everyone knows that a relationship takes time and dedication. It has its up and downs and its successes and failures. But what if you just don't see eye to eye and there are more bad days than good, what next? You may truly be considering how to break up with this person with as little commotion as is necessary, but is that even possible?

Rewarding Rendezvous with Watford Escorts05 May 2011

Does your career prevent you from devoting the time to find that ideal partner? is the yang missing out of your life? well look no further than a Watford escort. Alternatively, you may find yourself in an unaffectionate relationship or withering marriage. The answer is very simple, book one of our caring and spectacular girls, they will really make you feel great and what’s more excitement and joy will return to your life.

Seven Stages of Sex04 May 2011

There is much debate about what the seven stages of sex are; there are medical adaptation, physical discussions and the chat down the pub conversation, which normally ends up with an exaggerated and prolonged story culminating in impossible acts. Not so with a blonde escort sure to satisfy every time.

Are Escorts Good for You?01 May 2011

This is a very open ended question without a concluding answer; it all depends where abouts on the fence you sit. There is the train of thought that the business in general should be hunted to extinction, the PC crowd, Politically Correct, and we all know what we think of them, not a lot. A Watford escort is a bit like an apple, one a day keeps the doctor away.

Kinky Escorts are More Fun28 Apr 2011

Sexually deviant relationships are good for the mind, body and soul, or so it is said. In the majority of cases the likelihood of finding a permanent partner who is happy to go along with the unusual can be likened to searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Whereas contacting a Watford escort could be the answer to all of your prayers.

Wonderful Watford Escorts26 Apr 2011

With summer fast approaching its time to think about visiting Hertfordshire and its bubbling and effervescent county town, Watford, where you will find some of the most exclusive and mysterious Watford escorts on hand to make your visit a pleasurable and remarkable one.

Motor Racing - F1 under Threat from News Corporation 18 Apr 2011

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone is quoted as stating, News Corporation would effectively be blocked from the purchase of his F1 racing series because of an agreement Ecclestone made with the European Commission (EC) and the Watford escorts Conjecture that Rupert Murdoch's News Corp might be bearing in mind a joint bid for F1 with Carlos Slim, reportedly the world's richest man, is continuing.

Britain Celebrates the Royal Wedding 13 Apr 2011

Millions of people across Britain have celebrated the royal wedding with local street parties, group picnics and other festive activities.St Andrews, the Fife town where Prince William and Kate Middleton met whilst at university, hosted a grand breakfast spectacular for 1,500 people whilst Downing Street held an outdoor party, politically correct we suppose as reported by one of our Watford escorts.

Banks Could Cave in Over Protection Insurance Premiums09 Apr 2011

Many of our High Street Banks are showing the first signs of waving the White Flag over Loan Protection Premium payouts. Lloyds Bank has now decided to bite the bullet and end its continual battle against legal claims in the courts for mis-selling Protection Insurance taken out against loans and credit cards. This admission could cost the banks in excess of £9 billion to settle a Watford escorts financial expert has proclaimed.