Nude-Dude Activities- What Men would do for Women in bare06 Jun 2016

At some point in our lives, we may have dated women who asked us to do stuff in the buff and surprisingly we find ourselves doing it and more importantly, enjoying it.

Learning to love what you do13 Jul 2015

Giving a woman oral sex is not a top priority in many relationships.

Sarah's next Victim28 Apr 2014

It was a very long week for escort, Sarah and she was excited to have one of her favourite regulars coming to visit her on this particular night. She eagerly jumped in the shower and polished every single nook and cranny of her luscious body. She threw on her favourite CD and cranked the volume up as high as it would go as she moved her hips to the sounds of the beat.

Kinky Escorts and Their Toys16 Jun 2012

The kinky escorts love toys. Even though they don't need any extra help, they often have a bag full of goodies that can really spice things up between the sheets. Not just lady toys, there are often male gadgets that can really offer you new experiences.

How To Introduce Bondage To Your Partner20 Dec 2011

So you're ready to bring some handcuffs into the bedroom, or a whip or a full on bondage outfit but aren't sure how to introduce them to your partner? Well there is definitely no reason for you to "settle" when it comes to your sexual satisfaction! Introducing bondage to your partner doesn't have to be as terrifying as you, or your partner perceive it to be! The word bondage can seem very intense to some, but these tips will help you successfully tie your partner down into a frenzy of bondage fantasy.

Are Footballers Getting Enough or Are They Out of Control13 Jul 2011

It seems every day you pick up a newspaper there is yet another story in the press about these over paid under sexed footballing prima donnas. If it is not Mr Squeaky clean, and I think you know who I refer to, likes messing with models and sister-in laws, its an over paid young buck who thinks they have the right to take whatever they please.