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What Makes You Men Style Guru’s05 Jul 2011

OK, so what is that makes the male of the species stylish, an Icon a Guru? There are many theories and indeed answers to that particular question. There is the thought that having the ability to spend thousands of pounds on a three-piece suit, and matching accessories, goes a long way toward this enviable title. Another train of thought is the fact that most stylish males have a very finely honed eye for complementary accessorising, thus enabling them to portray the complete package.

Sexy Escort in London Simmering Massage28 Jun 2011

You have been working flat out all week, your body aches, your muscles are twisted and you generally feel stiff, just how our expert and sexy escort in London masseuses would like you to feel. You feel the urge and the need to relax and possibly the best form of relaxation is a tender and erotic massage, delivered by one of our sexy and inhibited young escorts.