Teacher-Student Encounter

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Before suggesting a fantasy to an escort, you have to make sure that the fantasy doesn't involve anything that would put the both of you into physical harm. Last thing you need is a nasty case of bruises and cuts.

With that said, here's a recent experience I've had with a London escort. We role-played the classic teacher-student fantasy.

"Please sit-down," I shouted as the escort in London finished putting on the school uniform.

She was wearing a tight white top that showed her red bra which barely covered her full and lovely breasts. She had on a mini plaid skirt with knee high socks. Her hair was in pigtails that topped off the student look.

I had to control myself from ripping her clothes off and taking her to bed at that instance. Restraint prevailed and I decided to continue my teacher-student fantasy.

She stood in front of me before taking a seat. I could feel the blood rush through my entire body.

I didn't want to break character and asked "Any explanation as to why you're failing my class?"

It's a great thing that the London escort was willing to improvise and go along with my fantasy.

"I don't have time to study because I'm a sex addict and I need to earn money to continue my schooling."

Her response caught me by surprise. She, too, was not only sexy but also very professional.

Now things got very interesting. I could've just thrown her on the bed and been done with it.

But I couldn't contain my excitement as she sat down. I stood up and grabbed her arms to stand her up. I gave her busty breasts a long stare.

Finally, I couldn't hold back any longer and led her to the table. "Please sit on my table." I ran my right index finger along the traces of her body.

The rest of the night was pure ecstasy. I recommend that you try and re-enact your sexual fantasy. Diamond Escorts in London can definitely help you fulfill it.