How to tell if She’s DTF

Not sure what "DTF" stands for? "Down to fuck". Sadly, this three-letter statement was made popular by the ever-so-embarrassing Jersey Shore, but let's put that aside for this article and pretend that isn't the case.

It's important to see if a girl is DTF before you try to take them home for the night. Why? Simply because you don't want to spark up a conversation with a potential clinger or someone who is looking for love and desperate for it. If you know a girl is DTF then it doesn't take dinner, drinks and a movie to persuade them to come home with you. They know what they want and they don't need to be wined and dined. You are pretty much guaranteed a good time with no strings attached.

If a girl is DTF, she will make eye contact with you all night long until you walk up to her, make your move and take her home with you, and you better go up to her quickly before she starts to eye up someone else!

Now if you're a complete starter and have yet to approach her, watch her body language. It is proven that women will point their body towards you. Yes, it's called the Torso Twist. Their lower bodies will be pointed towards you showing signs that she's interested.

Physical contact is the easiest way to tell if a girl is DTF. If she is constantly making an effort to touch you, whether it be touching your arm, placing her hands on your chest mid conversation, or even giving you a playful punch, these are all great signs that she's ready to get down and dirty with you.

Lastly, if a girl is DTF she will usually be very vocal about it. Maybe she will drop heavy hints or talk about her past experiences. Whatever it may be, if she talks a lot about sex, it's usually because she loves sex and can't wait to get it on with you!

DTF girls are always fun for a good one night stand or a booty call. After all, what's better than a guaranteed hook up at the end of the night?