The Temp

I love working as an office temp, you see it gives me a wide range of new fucking opportunities, ok some offices are more boring than others and just want you to fulfil admin duties but I always looked forward to certain placements more than others. Today's assignment was a smallish office in St.Albans but I was more than familiar with a few of the permanent staff there.

Once settled I began to think about Leroy and pushed my chair tight against the desk. No one could see my hands this way. I rubbed my thighs, pretending that Leroy's large hands were touching me all over imaging his smooth brown skin under her hands. Before I could stop myself I pressed against my mound.

My nipples contracted painfully and slowly I she rubbed a thumb against one nipple and then the other to ease the tension. I rubbed myself hard wishing it was Leroy touching me, tasting me.

Stroking my wet shaven slit, I closed my eyes and thought about him, deeply kissing her clit, gently pulling my inner lips with his plump lips. Leroy would moan into me and I would pull him inside me. with legs, spread wide, inviting him to take anything he wanted.

I moved my finger quickly over my clitoris and then furiously rubbing that little nub. Oh god I had to have more, this wasn't enough. I couldn't wait any longer I had to seek Leroy my clit was throbbing.
I strode into the Postroom asking for Leroy, stating I needed his help immediately in the copier room.

I locked the door and walking over to him I pressed my mouth to his. He hesitated for a moment before plunging his tongue into her mouth and his warm, wet tongue explored her mouth. Leroy wrapped his strong arms around my waist, picking me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist, take me I moaned into his ear. His brown hand grabbed a length of my silky hair and roughly pulled my head back. Licking my neck, he growled deep within his throat, and then he took one of my breasts in his mouth, as I unzipped his beast.

Finally getting his cock out I could see, his big, black cock as I grasped its width, my hands barely fit around the shaft. I down to his rod and tentatively, started licking the dark, brown head. I wanted to tease him and draw out this pleasure, but I couldn't myself.

I took as much of him as she could into her mouth craning my neck so my tongue touched everywhere. Holding his cock I licked along his thick vein, teasing the head with my lips. I sucked his balls together, running my tongue between them and under them. I was unable to take all of him into my mouth so I caressed him with my tongue instead. I felt a shiver of pleasure surge up my spine, realising how close Leroy was.

Suddenly he pulled away, helping me up and leaning me against a wall, Leroy knelt down and pulled my legs over his shoulders. His soft tongue entered a torrent plunging into my slit before playing with my clit. Soft, fat velvety tongue entered me, rubbing the rough spot near my entrance.
His tongue pushed me over the edge until I bucked against him, clamping my thighs against his ears. My fingers and toes tingled like mad until I began to lose control as he moved his mouth to my clit while winding one hand between my legs. His forearm spread my ass cheeks as his fingers sought my vagina. Two of his fingers filled me and he twisted his fingers as I rode him. His tongue teasing my clit, I exploded. My thick, sticky fluid flowed out of me as I stifled a scream.

Leroy swapped his hand for his meaty black cock which was seeping with pre-cum as he pushed deeply into me, his large rod stretching me. After a few soft thrusts, which covered him in my juices, I began to ride on top of him. His large hands played with my bouncing breasts squeezing them violently. Leroys's cock curved slightly and pressed into my G-spot.

Without warning my vagina clenched uncontrollably and Leroy grunted as he came. His fingers digging into my back and his hot seed caused me to come again.

Leroy told me if I needed help at any time I was to seek him immediately and he would indeed encourage his bosses to hire me on a permanent basis.