The Ten Must – Knows of a One Night Stand

Sure, there are tons of rules, tips and tricks that you can (and should) learn for indulging in a one night stand, but who really wants to take the time out for that? You simply just want to get it in, get your rocks off and get gone, right? Give yourself five minutes and if you're going to read anything, then read about these ten absolute must-knows when it comes to getting down and dirty with a stranger.

Never, ever have a one night stand with any of the following: a co-worker, friend's sibling, sibling's friend, friend's ex or ex friends. Actually, add anyone that you may potentially bump into at one point or another onto that list, and remember, those are people to avoid for a one night stand. As for a consistent booty call, then feel free to indulge.

Do have a one night stand on holiday! Hell! You can even give a fake name, address and lifestyle if you want! The chances of you ever seeing that person again are very unlikely.

Make sure that both (or all if you're a really lucky man) partakers have a mutual agreement that it is indeed, a one night thing, or at the very least, sex with no strings attached.

No need for breakfast, cuddling, kissing or anything along those lines. And no, there is no need to elaborate on this point.

Don't ever talk about any of the following: family, exes, life, love, therapy, goals, aspirations, none of it. If it has feelings associated with it avoid talking about it!

CONDOMS. End of story.

Remember that you don't ever have to see this person again if you don't want to, so feel free to take a walk on the wild side and bring your dirtiest, kinkiest and sexiest fantasies to life.

Reciprocate. It's hard to indulge in a selfish one night stand and not be too selfish, but try to resist the urge. Receive, but also enjoy giving her some pleasure and fun too.

Don't spend the night.

If you don't actually want to see that person ever again, don't lie and say that you'll call. Be straightforward and thank them for a completely amazing time, but remind them if necessary that it is indeed, a one night thing!

Although basic, these top ten "must-knows" about casual sex will definitely have you getting the most out of your one night stands.