They Banged, He Watched

Amy had been living with her (then) boyfriend, Phil and his best friend James. Phil had been out of town for work and after him being away for three days, Amy was extremely eager to have him home and inside of her. The only problem was that their friend, and unexpected room-mate, James was staying with them, and with only a one-bedroom apartment, it was sometimes difficult for the two of them to indulge.

However, abstinence for three days was enough for Amy and she was going to do whatever she needed to do in order to have her man plunged deep inside of her. The three friends were all sitting down, enjoying some dinner and drinks in their tiny flat. Amy always had this "come get me" look when she had a few drinks inside her, so it was no surprise when Phil excused the both of them as they headed off to their bedroom.

Amy is a complete babe and any man would be crazy to not take the opportunity to fuck her. She is the girl that every man imagines fucking during his solo sessions. She's dirty in bed, but a classy woman in public. She's simply, the perfect girl.

It wasn't before long that James was sitting alone in the living room, listening to his friend fuck Amy fiercely. She was loud and was moaning and groaning in extreme pleasure. James couldn't help but move closer to their bedroom door as his cock began to bulge out from his pants.

"Fuck me, Fuck me!" Amy screamed as Phil thrust hard and fast, deep into her pussy.

That sentence alone made James' cock grow bigger. Phil would be so mad if he knew that James was listening in on him and his girlfriend having sex, which only made James grow harder and harder. Just as Amy reached climax, James stood outside the door, listening intently as he stroked his member, faster and faster as he imagined Amy, his friend's girl, riding his cock.

Phil and Amy finished up and came in to join James in the living room. Little did they know that he had a raging hard on because he had just listened to them fuck. Within minutes, James had to excuse himself to go to the bathroom to relieve that growing bulge in his pants. While thrusting himself in his hand, James imagined Amy sliding her wet pussy up and down on his cock. The thought of his friend's girl getting him off made him explode all over himself.

James then returned to the living room and sat with Amy and Phil. If only they knew what he had really been doing in the bathroom just now, and what he had been thinking about whilst doing so!