Things not to do when asking Her Out

Approaching a woman can be hard enough as it is, but believe it or not, you can make it even harder if you do any of the following things. Not only will they give you a bad reputation with the ladies, but all of the rejection will kick you right down when it comes to your confidence levels.

Women aren't shady like men, well, not as much. They judge men on the way they talk to them, act and also treat others. They will judge you on every move you make. Keep these things in mind when you are asking a woman out.

They're watching you.

Seriously though, they are.

If you aren't confident, then pretend that you are. A woman can smell a confident man from across the room, and even worse, they can smell an unconfident man across the city. Pretend, pretend, and do more pretending until you actually believe that you are confident.

Despite what a lot of men may think, persistency is not the key. This will make you appear desperate, or crazy, none of these being good options for you. Ask the girl out a total of two times and if she shows no interest, then move on to the next.

The "persistency is NOT the key" rule goes for text messaging as well. If you have messaged her 100 times without her responding and you're still doing it, then she will think you belong in a nuthouse, and maybe you do! 100 messages that haven't been responded to and you're still going? Really? You should have given up at three!

When you are approaching a woman to ask her out, don't have any of the guys with you, this will make it awkward and make her uncomfortable and leave her saying no to the date. She'll appreciate a man that can approach her on their own.

Now twist that previous rule around. Try to approach her when she doesn't have friends around her. This will make you awkward and nervous and the two combined are just not good. Plus, a girl's girlfriends are the world's largest cock blockers.

If there's one rule that you are going to take from this article and actually listen to, then it's to not use one liners, or pick-up lines, those are dangerous. She'll either think you're hilarious, weird, or a pervert. Your chances won't look too good if she thinks that you're any of those!