Things women hate when men carry them out among friends

As a woman I love it when my husband and I are able to socialize with other people. What annoys me however is that fact that once he arrives among his friends he turns into a different person. He treats me as though I am a London escort and I am there to be just a trophy wife when I could be a lot more.

One of the most annoying things especially if we go to one of his friends house parties is when he leaves me alone for most of the night to hang out with his buddies. Men really? How many of you do this on a regular basis? If you would prefer to hang out with your buddies then please don’t invite us along for the night or ask us to bring a friend along so that we have someone to hang out with as well. It doesn’t feel good when you abandon us in a corner and we don’t know anyone else at the party besides you, even if the other person is a London escort. Please take this into consideration the next time you invite us to hang out with your friends.

Another occasion big on the list is company functions. How could you invite us to a company function and expect us to fetch drinks for you whole night? Or you don’t even introduce us to your working colleges? This is very disturbing as it makes us wonder what you think about us or even say about us at your work place. If you invite us to functions such as this we expect to be treated with respect as though we are your wives not as your gophers.

One thing that I have noticed with my husband when we are among his friends is the difference in his behaviours. The things that he would normally do such as open the car door or pull out my chair are all forgotten unless of course they also bring the wives along, then it becomes a competition.

How would you feel if we treated you this way among our friends I am sue you won’t be impressed. The reason why we put up with your primitive behaviour is because we love you and we would like to support in anything that you do. However please note that we are only human and we have limits so if you choose not to change your behaviour because of your egos then you would definitely have to start going these functions without us. Just food for thought!!