Those luxury beauties when is too much

Men like to think about themselves as big boys and they like to show that in everything that happens in their life. When dating or in a relationship with a female, their attitude about materialistic posessions and women, not to forget big boys toys, is sometimes larger than life. Mention here cars, and interaction with an escort. When still a child, men can be happy with rather cheap and small things, but as adulthood comes, much bigger and more meaningful “toys” are a must. Some of these include cars, clothes, phones, gadgets and escorts. Possibly the most important thing showing the status of a man is his car. It must be very attractive of course, very expensive, have every up-to-date gadget inside it and be as new an edition as possible. They will spend a fortune just to keep up with the latest thing concerning cars. This is considered an image of their status level. This I think, can be considered really big boys toys for their amusement.

Secondly, clothes can show into which class they belong. Some have a complete obsession and mania regarding clothing, and there are some men who will spend a fortune on clothes that only have designer labels. For some people mentioned, the hair must not be forgotten. The must-have latest style and absolute fortunes spent on grooming products just to keep it looking good.

This brings us to a third male obsession. Mobile phone mania. We often see on commercials a new phone appearing and for some, they immediately decide that their current mobile although up until now has been absolutely fine, is now not enough and so must immediately change it for this latest all singing, all dancing model.

To complete the picture you will always see the “big boys” around beautiful ladies. Ladies from London escorts. They will appear in the most luxurious cars and always have next to them a stylish and intelligent escort. To some, this is also a status symbol. Boys and their toys eh. Well just one warning though…Just don´t go too far.