Top Tools for Juicy Bits

The Science between Women and Sex21 Aug 2017

For centuries now, men have been trying to understand the complex nature of women.

Experience with the Acronyms17 Oct 2016

For all of you who have had substantial experience in this field, you will be quite aware of all the terminologies we are about to discuss.

Sex outside the bedroom18 Mar 2016

Are you tired of seeing the four walls in your bedroom while having sex and you are ready for a change in atmosphere? Well good news, your bedroom is not the only room in your house, or is it? There is no rule that says you must have sex in the bedroom.

How to keep the conversation going12 Feb 2016

Do you have trouble carrying on interesting conversations with the ladies, like London escorts? Well welcome to the club, where hundreds of men have the same problem where they either bore women to death or they crack corny jokes to cover up for their lack of conversational skills.

How To Have Sex In A Car08 Feb 2016

Do you have daredevil tendencies and willing to try anything at least once? It would help a lot if your partner had the same tendencies such as you.

Having sex with no strings attached01 Feb 2016

Just want to have fun and paint the town red because you are tired of the lies and deceit that women have to offer? If so may I suggest that you find a “friend with benefits”, something like a London escort?

“Friends with benefits” are pretty easy to find if you know where to look, and with our high technology, various websites have done most of the work for us.

G-spot08 Jan 2016

Searching for Gold

Have you ever wondered if you could ever really fulfil the needs of your girlfriend in bed? Have you been looking for her G-spot and were unsuccessful? Well, welcome to the club.

How to bring your fantasies to life02 Nov 2015

Most people have fantasies, even escorts, and they are a natural thing to have.

Naughty places to have sex 16 Oct 2015

Whilst having sex is something that you enjoy doing, having it in the same place every single time can be quite boring.

Great sex positions and the escorts 21 Sep 2015

When it comes to sex the black escorts are quite the professionals.

Great sex tips to keep you in the mood14 Sep 2015

Depending on the lifestyle that you have, you may have a lower or higher sex drive than other men.

Great outdoor places to have sex 11 Sep 2015

Sex indoors is so over rated.

Secrets about SEX21 Aug 2015

How good is your sex life with your London escort? Thinking of ways to make it better? Then you've come to the right article.

Secrets to having a great sex life17 Aug 2015

There are many benefits to having great sex with the escorts in London, with confidence being on the top of the list and of course, being in a better mood than men who don't get sex regularly.

Sex and small spaces07 Aug 2015

Who says you can't have sex in small places.