5 Social Media Status' That Make Her Run


Social Media Sites. They're everywhere, aren't they? You surely have one... or two... maybe three, four or five. Regardless of how many you have, the chances are that you can update your status on your profile for all to see. There are some things that should just be left unsaid, or strictly to the guys when you're out at the sports pub. Avoid updating your status with any of the following so you don't scare off the babes before the first date!

Cheesy Statuses. Oh lord... how this is so embarrassing for men. Really? Woman don't need to know about how your most memorable moment was on the beach with your first girlfriend back in high school with only the stars lighting the sky. GAG! Boring... don't go there. Sure, women like romantic things... but this is just not right.

Lonely Statuses. Okay, so you're lonely - great. Call your mum or your best friend because a status telling everyone how you would give anything to be crawled up in a blanket in front of the fireplace with a special woman will not give off the impression you're hoping for.

Soppy Lyric Statuses. Sure, everyone loves Don't Want to Miss a Thing from Aerosmith but women like to believe that men listen to some manly stuff. Soppy love lyrics are just going to give the idea that you're cheesy and lonely. That's two status mistakes in one.

Bragging Statuses. Great! You have an expensive car, beach house, boat and million dollar home with a full gym which is how you have your amazing 6 pack abs. No one on a social media site cares. Well they maybe would have - but now that you just put this as your status, they sure don't!

Drunken Statuses. Drunk, belligerent statuses are never a good idea for anyone, especially if you're hoping to meet someone. Of course, you like to have "guys nights" and get a little crazy, but telling everyone that you woke up to a blonde babe and didn't even know her name is not going to score you any brownie points.

Social media sites can be dangerous and no, I don't mean predator-dangerous. They are dangerous in the sense that it can, and will give off the wrong impression if you are too honest (and not honest enough). Make sure to monitor everything you post, before posting. Some things should be left for your man journal.

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