How to use Anal Beads


Anal beads can be used for both men and woman and are a great accessory to add into the bedroom. Fun on their own, anal beads are also a great consideration if you are thinking of adding some anal play into your sex sessions! You may be wondering what exactly anal beads are or how to use them, and this article will give you the nitty gritty on it all and you will definitely be eager to try it out!

Anal beads are often made out of a jelly, sometimes plastic, and the beads are attached along a jelly string, which is perfect for a combination of pleasure and comfort. Often, the beads get larger and larger down the string which adds a fabulous variety of sensations. And if you are just a beginner, these are best for you as the anus will gradually be able to enjoy larger things, maybe even a special package!

When trying out anal beads, it is very important to use lubricant on each bead as well as the rope. This will help provide ultimate pleasure and entry. Insert one bead into the anus at a time until everything is inside. Now how do you get the full effect of anal beads? Generally, people receive an explosive orgasm when the anal beads are quickly pulled out, But some like it when it is slower. It depends on the person, but either way, you will feel a sensation of pleasure that you have never experienced before. They can also be incorporated into some sexy foreplay by pulling them out and putting them back in, or pulling or jiggling the beads whilst still inserted.

Aside from using anal beads and moving them the way you please, you can purchase "special" ones. Vibrating anal beads add a little bit of extra fun as an alternative to the standard ones.The extra movement within the beads, will surely take you to the edge. You can get them in all different speeds just to your liking!

So now that you know how to use anal beads, what are you waiting for? The sensation of this simple toy is more than enough to give your sexy woman the orgasm of a lifetime, and a sexy massage on the male's testicles as well. Sounds like a good time! Whatever you like, whether it is preparing for something larger, an amazing orgasm or a little extra foreplay fun, anal beads are definitely for you!