Avoid The Common Mistakes That Men Make On Line


Don't lie, you have a Facebook profile and you use it to your advantage to talk (creep) to all the pretty girls. However, if your profile is a disaster, you will never get anywhere with anyone, especially the babes that you spend all that time face booking. Follow these tips to avoid looking like a complete idiot on your online profile.

When creating (or readjusting) your social media profile, remember less is more. You want to stand out, but leave some things to the imagination as well. Avoid mile-long essays that give every detail about you but be sure to provide enough personal detail to establish a quick connection and answer curiosity.

Don't go on the pictures and keep them accurate. Avoid the temptation of using that picture from high school where you were 30 lbs. lighter, and 50 lbs. firmer! Be sure to smile in at least one of your pictures,and make sure that it is genuine.

Please, please, do not post any photos of you taking a shirtless photo of yourself in the mirror. Sure, a genuine photo of you and the guys on a beach is normal,but anything close to a bathroom picture that you took in front of the mirror with your smartphone is going to scream that you are a conceited twat.

Check your spelling and grammar before posting anything public, or responding to any messages. There is no other instant turn off them an idiot that can't spell and is too lazy to at least spell check!

Check your spelling and grammar. It doesn't take long, and most people say that poor writing is an instant turn-off.

Now the rest is up to you. At least this will give you a fighting chance, as opposed to making the babes not only exit off your page, but block and delete your profile.