How to be More Dominating in Bed


Dominance is all about control and trust. If you want to be more dominating in bed, all you have to do is be a little rougher and have your way just a little bit more. Sounds easy enough, right? Well sometimes it can be a little difficult, depending on your partner, but if everything is well and you're ready for some new domination tips and tricks to try, read on!

The best way to be more dominating in bed is simply to be more forceful. There are a million options for this, but of course, it all depends on your partner and how much she thinks is too much. Hopefully, nothing is too much and you are in for some wild fun.

The simplest way of all is simply moving her into positions that you like. Instead of telling your partner "let's do it doggy style" move her in that position. Use your muscle and have your way. That's what domination is all about.

You can add a little bit of dominating spice with a little hair pulling or ass slapping.If you are unsure if your partner is going to be okay with this, start slowly and softly, and if she seems okay with it, you can always apply more force as it calls for it.

Now, if you really want to dominate that girl in your bed, and really indulge in a more bondage-type sex session, putting your fingers in her mouth can really achieve this. Of course, it may seem odd right now, but once you are in the mood, it will be perfect. The trick is to not softly put a finger in her mouth so she can suck it. You want to put a few fingers in her mouth and be a little rough with it. Whether you are moving her head or simply getting a grip for some thrusting. As long as it is done right, you will definitely be dominating that girl!

If you are unsure what is okay and not okay to do with your woman, feel free to ask what she would like more of or what she would like you to do more of, or try in bed. If your partner is not okay talking about it, suggest watching porn together and see which ones she picks out. This is the perfect way to see what kind of stuff she is in to and urging for you to try in bed.

However, if your woman complains that you are not dominating enough in bed, have your way with her. She asked for it!

Enjoy and get rough, rowdy and ridiculous!