Behind Closed Doors


When it comes to what should happen behind closed doors and between the sheets, some men are just down right clueless as to what a woman wants. Its very hard to get turned on by someone who isn't confident in his skills in the bedroom or worse yet to be turned on by someone who thinks he knows and get disappointed. Even the escorts in Cricklewood are complaining that men need to be taught how to handle their business as well as their woman when it comes to having sex.

A woman is like a slow burner and if after all you did to get her to finally want to have sex then she's not satisfied, chances are its going to be tougher to get her to take off her clothes again for you. Here are some tips to help you satisfy her in the bedroom and get her to take off her clothes every time:

* Women love to be manhandled in the bedroom. We are not china dolls so please don't treat us as such. Don't be afraid to press your entire body against us when you are on top, the pressure combined, the touch of your skin and sweat, drives us crazy.

* Bring something new to the bedroom. Don't be afraid to try new positions. Sex gets old fast and so do sex positions. Do some online research if you don't know any sex positions off the top of your head. You girl will greatly appreciate the added spice in the bedroom.

* Don't be afraid to be the bad boy. Women love to play the damsel in distress. Tie us up and explore our bodies. While exploring, don't be afraid to talk dirty and maybe even order us around. Just to be clear, ordering us around is only allowed in the bedroom, try it outside the bedroom and your ship is sunk.

* Seek out your girls most sensitive areas like her clitoris. We know what you like on her but the aim of having sex is to please both parties involved. Find multiple spots that stimulate her all at once and you just might see her explode.

* For whatever reason, men don't like to talk during sex. Come on guys, we need to know if we are pleasing you or not. Tell us what you want us to do. Talk to us, whisper in our ears and tell us how gorgeous we look dripping in sweat.

* Don't be afraid to add sex toys to the mix. It brings a sense of excitement to the bedroom

* Play with your girl before you try to penetrate her, please I beg of you. If she isn't wet you have your job cut out for you.

* Try some tonic or some pills because no woman likes a 3 minute man, not even Cricklewood escorts. It takes twenty minutes of foreplay just to turn us on, so please bring stamina to the bedroom when you are coming.