Best Anal Sex Positions


Anal sex can be tricky, whether you are a beginner or a frequent indulger, but thankfully there are many fantastic toys, lotions, tips, tricks and even positions that are guaranteed to make it more comfortable, enjoyable and most importantly, pleasurable.

Anal sex is a frequent sexual fantasy of most men, and of course what man wouldn't want to stick his dick in an extra tight, warm and new hole in his lover's body? Be sure to try out these amazing positions when indulging in some dirty anal raunchy sessions to get the biggest explosion from both you and your partner. Hey, these are also great ways to convince your lady to put it in her naughty spots.

Here are the top favourite positions when indulging in anal sex!

Missionary: seems to be the perfect solution for all kinds of sex, and there's no exception with anal. This position is ideal for beginners as it is the most comfortable of positions. It also allows the anal muscles to naturally relax which will make insertion easier and more pleasurable. Great way to start, and is amazing even after you've done it this way a thousand times.

Side Anal: It's like doggie style flat and sideways. This position will also allow for the anal muscles to relax! Again, great for beginners as this position doesn't allow for super deep penetration, but will be extremely pleasurable for both you and your lover.

Anal Drop: Sounds dirty, doesn't it? The anal drop position is definitely for deep penetration into the anus! It's as delicious as it is dirty! Make sure to have lots of lube when you try out this bad boy.

Doggie Style: It only makes sense that you should have anal sex in the doggie style position at least once in your life, right? (Or a million times in your life!) This position isn't the best for beginners, but is great for anyone craving some dirty, anal action. Plus, the man gets an amazing view in this position.

Alright, so I'm sure you're all hot and heavy and eager to try out these must-try anal positions. Feel free to go nuts-literally! These are also great ways to convince your lady to let you put it in places she never imagined. You'll get brownie points for taking the time and consideration to check out beginner positions.