Best Positions for a Man in Bed with Two Girls


As if a threesome for a man with two girls could be any better, but just wait - because it most definitely can be. These are the most beneficial positions for the man who gets to live the dream and have two women in bed with him at the same time!

The vertical triangle is a position similar to The Chain. The only difference is, that the woman who is sitting on your face is facing the woman who is sitting on your penis. The two girls can them play with each other as you thrust into one and suck on the other.

The mountain is a great position that gives you a fabulous view. Every man loves the view they receive when having the woman in the reverse cowgirl position, and this is somewhat similar - only better. As you are lying on your back, have one woman sit on your face as the other one sits on your penis in reverse cowgirl position. This allows the woman who is sitting on your face to watch you fuck her female friend, as well as offer some oral assistance for the both of you as well. Perfect, right? Another similar version of this position is called The anal mountain which is quite self-explanatory. Instead of having sex with the woman's vagina, place it in her anus instead.

Reciprocity is a great position for the man who loves watching two girls eat one another's pussies. What kind of man doesn't enjoy this, right? As you lay on your back, have one of the females in reverse cowgirl on your penis as she leans over and performs oral sex on the other woman, who will be sitting by your feet, facing you.

Of course, every man needs to try the two mouths. Every man loves a blowjob, so you definitely need to try one with two girls sucking you at the same time!

Lastly, the 69 anal with bonus position must be added to your must-try list. Have the two females perform oral on one another in the 69 position as you enter the one on top in the doggy style position.

Any threesome is going to be amazing for the man, but with these positions, you will get a blast of pleasure from not only the physical feel, but the views that you are getting throughout the whole thing as well.

You're already living the dream, right? So you might as well go above and beyond, and reap all the benefits and these positions will definitely do so!