Bizarre Tips to Improve Your Sex Life


Improving your sex life does not have to be as hard as it sounds. Life is too short not to have a little fun, so why not add a little oomph to your sex life to give the Wembley escort everything she had hoped for on her date with you, because you know how those kinky escorts love anything bizarre!


Why not start things off with a little gently biting here and there? I know that the Wembley escorts love that. When biting however, make sure that it is always playful and gentle so as not to leave any permanent marks on the skin of the escorts. If you are in the mood for this, then try biting her more fleshy areas such as her butt, hips and tummy.

Use oils

Making love does not only have to involve using your natural body juices for lubricant. Why not try a few oils and get down and dirty with some slipping and sliding. With all the slipping however, always make sure that your member does not slip into the wrong hole of the Wembley escorts, since this can be very painful unless of course she is accustomed to it. You can use flavoured oil so that it will be a lot more fun to lick it off each other. Remember to get put a sheet down on your bed.

Change the temperature and use the senses

If you want to be able to control the breathing of the Wembley escorts during sex, then add a few things that will change the temperature. Use a blindfold to make things a little more interesting. Things such as cold juices, ice, warm chocolate or even a hair dryer can be all that you need. If the kinky escort has her eyes blindfolded, she will be waiting in anticipation as you try out the different temperatures on her. Be sure to take it really slow as that is the only way to make this effective.

Foot fetish

Many escorts in Wembley, especially the kinky ones, love their feet licked and sucked by men. Before you try this however, ask her if this is something she wants you to do. If she does, then massage her feet before adding your magic touch. If you want your toes licked as well don't be afraid to ask as you are entitled to get what you want from the escorts.


This is in the realms of the kinky escorts, however the level of spanking may vary and toys may be used instead of hands. If you don't have a whip then just cup your hand and spank her butt as she tells you how she likes it. Listen for her cues as she may want you to spank that ass harder or softer.

Being different is not always a bad thing. When it comes to sex, the more bizarre you are the more intrigued the Wembley escorts will be. Remember to keep it creative and keep it fresh.