Body Countdown for Men


Edible body paint can be a whirl of fun and can always be used as a new and exciting source of foreplay. Of course there are already tons of sweet spots on a man's body, but there are definitely a lot more spots that can get a lot sweeter! Feel free to change and move the steps around as well as who gets to do the body painting. Paint your own sweet spots that you'd like your partner to enjoy, and allow them to indulge and explore your body the way they'd like to. Either way, you both are sure to enjoy this delicious treat! Here are the ten steps,to using edible body paint on a man's body parts.

Teasing is all part of the fun and anticipation. When you are using edible body paint, there are several different ways that you can mark your countdown, even numbers will work just fine! After all, you and your partner aren't going to be spending the time analysing your drawings!

The best place to start is at the top, and work your way down to the wonders that lie below the waist line. Paint your first marking somewhere around the neck.

The second marking can be down a little bit further on the chest or even the collarbone. Who doesn't enjoy getting their neck licked, kissed and sucked?

Since you do have ten complete steps, make step eight around the man's nipple and step seven around the belly button.

Place step six to the left of his pubic bone and step five to the right.

Now this is where the really sweet spots begin. Place step four closer to the penis, and step three on the opposite side. These two steps of the countdown are similar to step six and five, but just a little bit lower, and closer.

Use your imagination and paint step two somewhere on the penis, and step one right on the tip of the head.

Once you have either painted yourself for your partner to enjoy you, or you have painted your partner, the countdown is ready to begin. Lick, kiss and suck your way through the countdown, all the way from steps ten to one. Take your time and enjoy the sweet taste of the body paint, and your partner's skin. Once you have made your way all the way to step one, you and your partner will definitely both be ready and excited for the next step of fun.