Body Countdown for Women


Using edible body paint is definitely a fun and exciting way to spice things up in the bedroom. It brings a new spark and a tasty treat to regular foreplay sessions and the anticipation build up will surely have you and your partner eager for what's next. There are various, and different sweet spots on men and women, but these are the ten countdown steps that will make those sweet spots on your woman a lot sweeter.

One of the best things about using edible body paint is that it is never the same. You can move the steps for a different experience, as well as who gets to do the painting. Whether you're dying to perform oral sex on your lady, or want to make her scream from just teasing her, edible paint is definitely the way to do it.

You want step ten to be the beginning of your countdown. Of course you can't wait to dive right in, but this is all about building up that anticipation and enjoying the foreplay. Woman love to have their necks kissed, licked and sucked, so this is an excellent place to start your fun.

Step nine should be a little lower, somewhere around her collarbone. If you have never licked this sweet spot before, you will definitely notice how this little trick can really turn your woman on.

Place step eight around the left nipple, and step seven around the right. Now don't worry! You will get to spend as much time as you want licking and sucking the edible body paint off.

Move your way down to her stomach and place step six around her belly button.

You're half way through the countdown, so you should place step five around her waist line. A secret sweet spot is just under the hip bone and is a great spot for the halfway point.

Step four should be closer to her vagina, yet not right on it. It's all about anticipation, remember? Fight the urge and place this step to the right of her pubic bone.

Move a little bit lower and place step three to the left of her vagina.

Step two to the right of her vagina.

And step one is the blast off point. Place that number one right over her clitoris.

Now that all the body painting is done and the teasing has begun, get ready to lick and suck your way through the delicious countdown until you get to the really, really sweet spots of your woman.