How to bring your fantasies to life


Most people have fantasies, even escorts, and they are a natural thing to have. If you are in a relationship, you may be in a better position to have your fantasies fulfilled rather than if you are not. This of course, is one of the most enjoyable parts of being in a relationship in the first place, to be able to fulfill your most romantic fantasies.

You may spend hours at a time just thinking about your fantasy, hoping that one day it will come true and all would be great in your world. But I have a question for you, Have you discussed this with your girl or your escort? No? Then how do you expect to bring your fantasies to life?

This is the most difficult part of trying to live out your fantasy, actually telling the person that you love that you have one. Fantasies are different for each one of us, but this does not take away how difficult it can be to admit your fantasy.

The mere fact that you have a fantasy means that you have a longing desire for something that you have never experienced in your life. The nice thing about it is, who better to share and live out this fantasy with other than your romantic partner. Stop being so afraid of it it, tell her how you feel.

Fantasy sharing can make anyone feel vulnerable, that's why so many people are afraid to reveal them. Once told, your fantasies are no longer fantasies but they are now open thoughts between you and your loved one. You may need to muster quite a lot of courage but go forth and be brave.

Without telling her what you want, your fantasy will remain just that - a fantasy. Yes you bear the risk of being judged as well as not having your fantasy being met at all, but she may surprise you. What do you have to lose besides a fantasy? That's right nothing.

Find a time that you think is most appropriate and of course where it's just the two of you. Tell her what your fantasy is and be very clear about it. Women love it when their men choose to share anything with them and of course love it more when they appear to be vulnerable. Not because she wants to take advantage of you but to her, it means that you trust her enough with your deepest secrets as well as you love her enough to share your vulnerability. You will score big points for this.

Take the chance and tell her what you want, she may have a fantasy that she's been wanting to tell you as well, so it may work out better than you anticipated for the both of you! Happy fantasising!!