Cheap but fun Dates


Do you dread the thought of having to come up with an idea for a date? Hey! It's not always easy and no one's judging. Of course, you don't want it to be too fancy, or not fancy enough, you also don't want it to be too casual or boring as well as a million other things. The list of what you don't want a date to be is never-ending, so it seems, however, so is the list for fun and inexpensive dates. Oh you'd better believe it! Have a date night coming up? Pick from the following and you'll be sure to have a good and fun date. The best part? These things won't cost you anything, or at the very maximum, only a few pounds. It's always good to have dates in mind that won't break the bank, right?

You've heard it all before dinner and a movie, but how boring is that? How about lunch and a matinee? Perfect for a lazy Sunday!

Plan to cook a meal together, and then sit down and enjoy it together. No, don't run to catch the last few minutes of your team's football game, sit down and enjoy not only the meal you just created together, but the fabulous lady you have sitting across from you!

Sometimes the best dates are the most simple. Light some candles and sit out on your patio to look at the stars. Sounds cheesy? Girls love this stuff and it's not that boring after all!

If you're in a steady relationship, take a bubble bath together. Hey! It's the perfect opportunity to get sexy!

Plan to catch the sunrise. Sure, 5am sounds dreadfully early, but you'll be happy to see such a beautiful sight and your girl will be extremely pleased with your romantic side. Grab a blanket and head off into the morning for some quiet time.

Taking a walk together is always a great date idea. It doesn't have to be somewhere scenic, or new, all it has to be is you and your girl, hand in hand, enjoying a walk together. It's the simple things that really make a woman happy.

Picnics are always a good way to charm your girl. It's romantic from start to finish, as long as you do it together. Pick your favourite fruits and foods from the local shop together, pack them up and head off on your picnic. Hey! Those strawberries that you packed can come into play and in more ways than one!

Planning a date doesn't have to be excruciating and it most certainly doesn't have to break the bank. Any of these dates will be sure to impress your girl, and will leave you both happy with your fun-filled day.