Clichés of Sex that will Always Work


Men somehow seem to get dumbfounded when they are on a date with escorts in Romford. True, these gorgeous busty escorts can make you hard just by looking at them, but they are more or less like the other women you have dated, well a little more fun!

Sometimes men are so caught up in trying new things that sometimes they forget that the old things can be magic as well and they aren't called good old faithful techniques for nothing! Here are a few clichés that will always work on your mission to have sex with the escorts in Romford.

* Candles - These will always set the mood even if you are doubtful about the sexual techniques that you will want to perform on the escorts.

* Massage/Warming oils - If you really want to feel the smooth texture of the Romford escorts skin, then give them a massage. Wetter is always better even with massage.

* Kissing - For some strange reason, kissing sometimes tends to take a back seat even with the escorts. If you don't want to kiss her on her lips then I'm sure you can think of a lot of other places that need to be kissed!

* Food - While food may be the key to a man's heart, desserts are the way to a woman's soul. Bring out the grapes, strawberries and even whipped cream when you book and have your chosen escort over. If you think that it will get messy then don't be afraid to use plastic to protect your mattress or better yet, just take the game onto the floor.

* Your fingers - While vibrators and dildos may be a favourite for play when it comes to her vagina; don't be afraid to use what you already have to join in the fun. It may be a while since she's actually felt fingers at play, and it may be a pleasant surprise for her.

* Get clean together - Whether you take a shower or a bath together it does not matter since they both do the same thing. The Romford escorts enjoy it when they get to shower with the clients, as not only does it make for great foreplay but it also helps them to get to know what they are working with before the hit the bedroom. Don't worry; you'll get to check out her goods too as well!

* Talk Dirty - Though the Romford escorts are usually the ones to start talking dirty first, don't think for one moment that you have to wait for her. Talking dirty plays on the imagination and after all, that's where the fun of sex begins, in the imagination.

These are things that will work all the time. Whether you use them individually or collectively you are sure to score some high points. Sometimes you just need to pull out some of the old tricks to get exactly what you want from the sexy Romford escorts.