Don’t Come Just Yet - How to Last Longer In Bed


With the recent happenings of Playboy Magnate and Octogenarian Hugh Hefner and his ex-fiancée Crystal Harris, I think we can all agree that the phenomenon of not being able to hold through till the very end of sex is something some guys go through every day, in private at least, and when Harris went public about her accusations to Hugh, everyone started thinking, can I really last that long in bed? And while some of you have already tried disproving that theory of Harris’, most of you are still stuck on the notion of how to last longer than Hefner so your ex-girlfriend won’t ditch you in public like that.

Tell you what, premature ejaculation can be resolved and men who have this kind of syndrome should not be ashamed. In fact, a group of London escorts say that foreplay increases the chances of men who are prone to premature ejaculation of lasting longer in bed. And although this doesn’t work all the time, their clients have been very pleased as to how good they are in trying to keep them satisfied longer than usual.

And for the benefit of everyone else who’s curious as to how to do this yourself, here are a few tricks to make you last longer than Hugh Hefner:

When you’re about the age of Hefner, tendencies are you’re not as strong and healthy as the younger guys. Heck, you’ve already slept with half of the entire female population of your generation, but that’s beside the point, if you want to make sure that you don't cum before you intend to, then try to control your urge to ejaculate with your mind.

Your mind practically has power over your entire body and while it may succumb to it during the time of pleasure, it won’t hurt to exert a little control. When you feel that you’re about to reach your climax, pause for a while, breathe and squeeze right below the head of your penis to get the blood rushing back and pushing your ejaculation to a delay. This technique is called “Stop and Go” and you may have been doing this on your own but doing it with someone else will make it easier.

But if you don't want to embarrass yourself by touching yourself during sex with the woman of your dreams, then use her to your advantage. Allow her to stay on top of you. This position is especially pleasurable for her but less stimulating for you. If you keep doing this repeatedly and at intervals, your ejaculation may be put on hold for a while until you’re both so titillated and you can hardly control it, that way, she wouldn’t notice you came too soon.

These two are just some of the proven effective ways to stop being called a “Hugh Hefner” incarnate, so if you can practice this more without suffering too much pain on your urethra, then consider your premature ejaculation days over. London escorts