Common Female Fantasies


Are you wanting to spice up the bedroom action with your partner but are unsure as to what she likes? No need to worry because this article is based around the most common fantasies that a female has. Whoever said women don't sit around fantasising about dirty, raunchy things was definitely wrong. Use these fantasy ideas to throw your woman into a frenzy of frisky pleasure.

Her dominating you: Who would have thought? Your woman wants to throw you on the bed, suck you hard and ride you like you have never experienced before. One night, let your lady take complete control. Instead of her being the sex slave, let her be the master.

You dominating her: This one is a given. Even if your woman is more subtle in bed, she will appreciate you taking control. Grab the reins, or her hair, and give it to her the way you want to. Make her your little sex slut and demand her to please you.

Teacher/student: This fantasy isn't just yours. Women love to dress up, and being that iconic school girl eager to please her teacher is ideal. If she's a bad student, she may deserve a spanking!

Sex with a stranger: There is something so sexy and intriguing about shagging a complete stranger and having no-strings-attached sex. Meet your girl at a bar and act like strangers, then ravishing her in the public bathroom will definitely make your woman scream with wild pleasure.

Threesome: Whether it be with another girl, or another man,women fantasise about having a threesome. Bring a woman into the bedroom to lick her clit, or another man so you can both fill all of her holes.

Force: Yep, women love being forced. Make sure you have a safe word so you guys remain on the same page.

Dancer: Most women don't have the nerve to be an exotic dancer, so let her satisfy her dreams for you. It's a win, win situation!

Now that you know the most common fantasies that women have, you can let her have her way anyway, anywhere, and anyhow. It's going to benefit you as well, so why not, right?