Consideration and Communication for First Time Anal


Whether you are a gentlemen reading up on ways to make anal sex for your partner the most comfortable for the first time, or you're a lady ready to indulge in this dirty fantasy of yours, this article will be exactly what you need to know for your first time doing anal. As a bonus, printing this article out for your partner to read could be a (not) so subtle hint as to what you'd like to do later that night!

The most important thing to remember is to have consideration and communicate with one another and yes, this means during the act as well. It is an essential part of doing anal for the first time. You want to ensure that both you and your partner feel the most comfortable and are okay with taking things further. Any other time, dirty talk would be recommended to get the full effect of this dirty indulgence but for doing anal the first time, avoid the dirty talk and be more considerate and concerned. Sure, it sounds awfully awkward when reading it, but once you are in the moment, simple questions like "Is that ok?" will get you further along, in all ways.

Remember to take things slow. As mentioned, consideration and communication is going to be very important when doing anal for the first time and if you're thrusting quickly in and out, not only is this going to be extremely painful for your partner, but you will not be able to ask how she is feeling in a considerate way... not to mention that she'd never want to try anal sex again. So remember, slow, slow, slow!

Taking things as slow as possible cannot be stressed enough. Injuries such as internal tears due to lack of consideration and lube can cause pain and infections so be sure to again, take things SLOOOOOW! As well as using an excessive amount of lube, always wear a condom to avoid any bacterial infections. Again, remember where you are putting your member. Wear a condom. As well as avoiding infection, this will provide more comfort for your partner upon entry.

Although you may love having control of the situation, give it up to the receiver this time. There isn't one ideal position, but just give the receiver the option to tell you exactly what it is to do, stop, go... whatever it is that they want, you do. Remember, consideration goes a long way when trying anal the first time.

Slow and steady.

Communicate and concern.