Costumes and Outfits


The best way to really enhance your bedroom sessions and role-play is to commit to whatever act you are doing. Sure, you need to be in the right mind set to successfully turn into another character, but putting on an sexy outfit will only make the experience that much better and visually appealing too. However, there are options as to whom and what you are buying. Confused? Read on!

Of course, there are tons of female costumes out there. Your woman can dress up as a sexy French maid, doctor, nurse or even a policewoman, a secretary or a million other things to satisfy your fantasy. She can also get friskier and indulge in some bondage outfits or even vinyl and plastic wear. You definitely should try all fantasies, so be sure to get your woman a wide variety of costumes. She will be excited and eager to try them which will benefit you in the long run! Sure, your wallet may be a little emptier, but a woman happy from the gift you just got for her who is eager to dress sexy for you just so you can tear it right off of her, is so worth it!

However, treat yourself from time to time too. There are outfits that you can purchase to give an extra spark to your woman and your bedroom as a couple. A lot of role-playing costumes have outfits for both the male and female For example, a doctor and a nurse or a teacher and a student. Feel free to empty your wallet on some duo costumes as well! What better way to hint to your girl about what you're longing to do? Bring home a teacher and student costume set and teach your woman a lesson!

As everyone knows, woman love men in uniform. How sexy would it be for you to come home in a fireman outfit, or a police uniform? It would be extremely sexy. Your girl will be jumping on you within seconds of you walking through the door. The costume surely wouldn't be on long, but it is a great way to surprise your woman after a long day at work. Here's an idea, how about a mail man outfit and you deliver your girl a package? Sounds promiscuous! Be creative and have some fun with your costume choices.

Whether you are getting a sexy costume for your lady, a duo set of costumes for a role-playing fantasy or a sexy outfit for you to satisfy your woman's fantasy, it will be a gift that keeps on giving. And those are the best kind right?