The Degree of Satisfaction


Sexual satisfaction levels vary by far in men and women. If you look into this, then surveys and statistics reveal that there are not many women that are completely sexually satisfied, In fact, the percentage of women that have experienced multiple orgasms on a regular basis are of a very low percentage. All through their life, there are many women that have not experienced that state of excitement at all, despite living with and having sex with the same man for many years. London escorts can help by offering their experience in coaching classes, helping men to become more sexually literate and experienced.

Watching porn movies cannot really help in these particular cases, as they are largely simulated and do not at all depict real life. Only practice alone can lead you to perfection. Satisfying ones self is quite different from satisfying your partner and that is why communication is so important so each one of you learns to know what the other likes.

Women's satisfaction levels are entirely different from that of men. They can attain orgasms many times during sexual intercourse, while it is usually just only once in the case of men.

Adequate care should be taken by the man to learn how to satisfy the woman to the best possible extent, as then both parties enjoy a healthy and happy sex life and are fulfilled. London escorts can be of great assistance to help you hone your skills set and fine-tune them to perfection.