Dinner and film Alternatives


Choosing a date can really suck. Dinner and a film is so typical, but what else are you supposed to plan for a night out with a complete stranger? Neither of you know one another so what in the world are you to do? A dinner and a film is still a great idea, but change it around a bit. Just because you're having a typical date, it doesn't mean you have to do it the typical way!

A dinner and film at your place? How comfortable, relaxed and casual! You'd better be a good cook or good at ordering a take-away from a delicious restaurant. Either way, this is one way to really connect with one another.

An outside cinema! Oh, those are so fun and romantic! If you really want to kill two birds with one stone, then take along some food and have a "in car" picnic.

Have a home-video marathon. Of course, this isn't something that you will want to do on your first, second or third date, then this can be an excellent idea!

Now, if you're really trying to impress a rather high-maintenance girl and really want to go down the classic dinner and film date route, then that is fine as well, but try to be original and frugal. How does lunch and a matinee sound? Still nice, but not typical and no girl likes typical.

Either way, a typical dinner and movie date doesn't have to be typical at all. Throwing in some fun, casual and unique ideas will not only impress your date, but will allow you to really connect and get to know one another. Isn't that what a date is exactly all about, after all?