Dirty “Sext” Messages You’ll want to Receive


Sexting is the next best thing to sex, really. When you're not physically banging your girl, you know you're thinking about the last time you did, or the next time that you will. Don't lie you're a little sex addict! It's okay, you can admit it!

Sexting is fun, flirty and helps build great anticipation for what's to come. Here is a list of favourite dirty text messages to receive. If you sadly don't get any of the following from your girl, then share this list and maybe she'll get the hint!

Pictures are always best, especially they don't reveal the total package. How amazing is it when your girl sends you a picture of her pussy with a message that reads "wish you were here!" Awesome, right?

How about when your girl texts you about the dirty dream she had about you the other night. Not only does she share every sexy, dirty detail, but she also texts you letting you know that she wants to re-enact it tonight.

Simple and sweet sexts are sometimes the best. Imagine receiving, "I just masturbated and came so hard thinking about you" from your girl!

Another simple text that you love receiving from your girl is a sex date. A sext like this usually goes along the lines of, "I'm free tonight can you add me to your to-do list?"

What's even better is getting a sext telling you that the sex date is NOW! "I'm not wearing underwear and I want you here so bad!"

Mmmm. Girls and yoga. "Just finished yoga - can't wait to test my flexibility out with you tonight."

"I spent way too much money shopping today. Punish me later?" Oh shop away, baby! This will be the only time you're not worried about her breaking the budget.

"I went food shopping and picked up strawberries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Will you be my dessert tonight?" How tasty! Of course you will!

"At the sex shop! Come over tonight?" Did she really even have to ask?

"I'm home alone and horny." Again enough said. You'll be on your way asap.

There's nothing that a good sext can't do! It's fun and flirty, adds great spice and spark to a relationship, and builds amazing anticipation for a sex later on. Does it get any better than that?