Dos and Don’ts of Anal Sex


Every man wants to do anal sex with the Mayfair escorts but many of them don't understand the dos and don'ts of it. Here is a guideline that will help you to have successful, safe and fun anal sex with the escorts in Mayfair.

Do use condoms at all times if you plan on having anal sex with the Mayfair escorts. Condoms ensure that you keep yourself as well as the escorts safe. One thing that you should know about anal sex if you have never done it before is that it can be a bit messy especially if you decided to do it at the last minute with the escorts and of course if they agreed. Protect yourself and cover up.

Don't penetrate her in her vagina using the same condom that you did in her anus, this can cause her to get infections which mean that the Mayfair escorts won't be able to work. Remember you are not out to hurt the escorts but to be entertained by them, so think before you act.

Do change condoms frequently to ensure that you don't carry bacteria from her anus to her vagina especially if you are having anal sex with her many times. You may think that since you are having anal sex with more than one of the Mayfair escorts, that it may be okay to penetrate all of them with just one condom. This is should never happen. For each escort, make sure you use a separate condom.

When penetrating don't force yourself too hard since you can course damage to her. Being all excited can lead you to make quite a few mistakes when it comes to anal sex with the Mayfair escorts. One of them being you ramming your penis into her and causing unnecessary bruising. If you ever want your Mayfair escort to have anal sex with you again, then you need to learn to pace yourself and be gentle with them.

Do follow the lead of the chosen escort at all times and pay attention not only to her body language but do exactly what she's telling you to. When she tells you to stop, then stop. When she tells you to push then do so but never should your escort tell you to do one thing and you do another. You should be able to control yourself so that the both of you can enjoy the experience together. Sex is not a one man show, it never has been, and it never will be.

Don't use oil based lubricants but instead use water based lubricants. Water based lubes are usually recommended for sex and with anal sex with the Mayfair escorts you will need lots of it. Lubricant makes the difference between making the process easier or making it harder. It's your choice to lube or not to lube.

Anal sex with the escorts can be fun as long as both parties respect each other. It may take a while to get used to it depending on the type of Mayfair escort that you have with you, but it does get easier. As long as you follow these guidelines, you shouldn't have any problems and you will have a lot more fun that you ever could have imagined.