Double Pleasure with Two Girls, One Man


So you're the type of man who loves to indulge in a sexy threesome with two other beautiful females? You also love getting females off, whether it is with your mouth, fingers or tongue? You sound like the perfect man! Try these positions to give the ladies the ultimate pleasure throughout your group sex endeavours and they will definitely be leaving satisfied and come back begging for more.

Double The Pleasure for Her, is a position with a quite obvious name. As you are lying on your back, have one female sit on your penis, as the other female performs oral sex on her. As a bonus, you may feel a few licks on your testicles as well and if that happens, it won't only be double pleasure for her, but double pleasure for you as well! Best of both worlds.

Double Oral is the ultimate position for the woman who is receiving, as well as the female and male that are performing. Have the woman lay down on her back with her butt in the air and legs beside her head. Pick a hole to perform oral on and have the female take the other. Both of you can perform oral on the female at the same time and send this woman into a frenzy of screams moans and groans.

69 Anal with Bonus is another amazing position that is going to not only satisfy everyone partaking in this group sex session, but will send the receiving female into a frenzy of fabulous orgasms. As the two females are performing oral on one another in the 69 position, enter the female on top from the doggie style position.

Lastly, Trio Position is another amazing position for those oral sex lovers. There is nothing better than receiving and performing oral, all at the same time for absolutely everyone in the group right? For this position, you will all be connected mouth to genitals, in a triangle. For example, you will all be lying on your sides. You will have your head in between one females legs, as her head is in between the other females legs, as that female is sucking you off. That sounds like a fabulous oral sex triangle, doesn't it?

You must be some kind of man to really take the woman's pleasure and satisfaction into consideration! Now with these positions, you can really up your creativity, and her explosive orgasm! Enjoy satisfying your women, especially the one that is getting double the pleasure.