Do DP with the Same Dick


The title probably has you confused. Double penetration with the same dick? Yes, it is possible believe it or not. How amazing would it be to bang your lover in her vagina and arsehole at the same time? You no longer need another man in the room to indulge in this dirty fantasy! All you need is this dirty little secret.

It sounds silly, but don't get deterred right away. Everyone has heard of the comical clone-a-willy, right? But they aren't just for having a giggle with friend's purposes. Sure, they're hilarious at a hen party, but why not put them to great use? There are some amazing ways to use a clone-a-willy, obviously the most enjoyable being a deep DP session.

Think about it for a second, instead of getting a raging hard on from watching your woman masturbate in front of you with an oddly shaped vibrator or dildo, you can watch her bang her sweet spots with your cock. Sounds incredible, doesn't it?

The best part? As she is using your dick clone on herself, it is the perfect opportunity for you to indulge in that Threesome. The bonus is that you don't need to bring another guy into the bedroom and who really wants another man touching your lady anyway, right? so just make sure that it is you in all of her holes at the same time. As she fucks herself with your clone, grab that lube and prepare your actual cock for her anus.

Not only is it sexy to see your woman screw herself, but she is screwing herself with your dick as you screw her in her anus. Can it get any better than that? Probably not! The sensation of feeling the clone-a-willy in her pussy as she bangs her anus will throw you into a thunderous world of pleasure. You also have the amazing visual to help you get your rocks off and explode wherever you please.

Here's some food for thought. How many holes does a woman have that can take your cock? Get a clone of your dick for every hole and it will be a group bang with just your dick.

It may take a little bit to get past the funny side of a clone-a-willy but once you're in the mood from watching your woman use you as her sex toy, any thoughts aside from how absolutely amazing your situation is will disappear.

Whoever said that your girlfriend had to be a skank to indulge in a group bang? She's technically only banging one guy, right? And that's you... and your clone!