Experience with the Acronyms


For all of you who have had substantial experience in this field, you will be quite aware of all the terminologies we are about to discuss. The most common of all these terminologies are the Porn Star Experience (PSE) and the Girl Friend Experience (GFE). These are actually the most used acronyms for those who want to describe the type of experience and the girls they want to have it with. There are many other acronyms you can use as we will see later on.

The Porn Star Experience for all those who like it. It is what you can find in any porn movie you can get your hands on. For many guys who like it, it’s about meeting someone very open-minded and raunchy who is ready to deliver the most open-minded and experimental experience that you can get. For such an experience you should go straight to the point of why you want her. You can both get down to business the moment she walks through the door. They are ready to give you all the experiences you find in any adult movie. If this is what you are looking for then the adventure will be full of everything you desire.

The Girl Friend Experience is quite the opposite of the PSE. This is much softer, and gentler as compared to the latter. Maybe you are far away from home and you get kind of lonely, then you suddenly feel the need to spend time with someone who will give you the company you need and also someone to cuddle with and talk to. To have the best experience, go for a London escort. Maybe you want some company for a meeting or dinner? London escorts are ideal for this. There is a much softer side that takes control when you are with a London escort.

Escorts can also bring in the Mistress experience (MSE). This is when you have met the escort more than once and you genuinely have a connection with her, the increased connection means that you can experiment and explore further with your escort as long as she is comfortable and willing. So you see, there are different qualities needed for every different experience.