Facts about Sex


  1. The global sex industry is currently worth more than 57 billion dollars and the U.S has more strip clubs than there are all over the world.
  2. At any one time, one out of four people are daydreaming about sex.
  3. In a day an average man would want to sleep with five out of all ten women he sees in a day.
  4. Similarly, the same man will think about sex once every 10 seconds.
  5. Out of every ten people (male or female) seven to eight of them have had one-night stands.
  6. On the same note, it is true that about 90% of all men who are reading this article masturbate while 65-70% of all females do the same.
  7. About 25% of women think that rich and wealthy men are sexier.
  8. One minute of pure kissing can burn up to 26 calories.
  9. On the other hand, one hour of pure sex can burn up to 320 calories.
  10. Up to 50 percent of women fake their orgasms, or have none at all.
  11. London escorts have reported to have had the highest numbers of orgasms with their clients
  12. The highest rate of sexual intercourse for a single man belongs to one who had 52,000 sex sessions over a period of 30 years. This makes an average of 33 per week, and 4-5 per day.